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The End 02:06
Look down in this deep dark hole beneath the ground, here's a ticket to a land below see the neon lights and the glitter and the shine My heart skips a beat almost every time. A little bit of change in my palm you know, it's a quick sudden drop, but not far to go. Hold tight on to your hat until the end. Just behind this mirrored glass, lies a place of splendor with a hint of the past, a deep sense of style and high romance, you'll not give worry a second glance. A little bit of change in my palm you know, a quick little prick and in we go. Don't you dare look back until the end! Follow, follow, follow me. Follow my watch with the eyes you see. Time will stop on a frozen sea. Your glass is full not half empty. All that I say is the truth you know. Tell me which way you'd like to go. You can only take it with you until the end.
Kerosene 04:52
Sittin 'round another weary day. The wild times seemed to get away. Goin' down south on a summer day. That's the way. Stop on by that Wacky Wayne. Jokers revenge with a Puddin' Tain. That look in her eye may not be sane. It's sure to rain. Kerosene, Gasoline, Dynamite, Will make things right. All the Little Babies Goin' out Tonight. Gonna Get wound up Gonna Get real tight. Every little thing's gonna blow tonight. I'm gonna sit here laughin' in the firelight. Gonna sit here laughin' in the firelight. gonna sit here dancin' in the firelight. gonna sit here Screamin' in the firelight. Gonna sit here laughin' whoo HA! 32 ounces, 98 degrees. Air's so thick it'll make you sneeze. Body for love and a brain for sleeze. Oh Momma Please. Pile on into my oldsmobile. Coughin' black smoke and a broken wheel. It's a hotwired car and the tires squeal. Ain't no big deal. Out at the bar on a Saturday night. Tension is high we're all so tight. A round of shots will make things right. Outta Sight. All the kids are breaking things. Sacred vows and diamond rings. Throwing chairs and making scenes. It's an evil fling.
Circle 03:26
Bella Ciao 04:41
Una mattina mi son svegliato O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao Una mattina mi son svegliato E ho trovato l'invasor O partigiano porta mi via O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao O partigiano porta mi via Per che mi sembra di morir E se io muoio da partigiano O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao E se io muoio da partigiano Tu mi devi seppellir Seppellire sulla montagna, O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao, Seppellire sulla montagna, Sotto l'ombra d'un bel fior. E tutti quelli che passerano, O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao E tutti quelli che passeranno E poi diranno: "Che bel fior" È questo il fiore del partigiano O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao È questo il fiore del partigiano Morto per la libertà
Fernando 00:23
Drums 02:33
Zombies 00:33
Ruckus 02:40
Old Aunt Donna went to town Raise a ruckus tonight. Ridin' a billy goat leadin' a hound Raise a ruckus tonight. Hound dog bark and the billy goat jump Raise a ruckus tonight. Threw aunt Donna on her rump Raise a ruckus tonight. Come along little childern come along while the moon is shinin' bright, Got to get onboard down by the river shore Gonna raise a ruckus tonight. Some folks say that a preacher won't steal. I caught two in my potato field. One Had a shovel and the other had a Hoe Diggin' my potatoes up row by row. My old master said to me. When I die I'm gonna set you free He got old and his head got bald. I think he forgot about dyin' at all Wanna get to heaven here's what you do Put your feet in a mutton ste when the devil reaches in with his red right hand. Gonna ooze on through to the promised land. Went to the river to be baptized. Tripped on a root and I got Capsized. River was strong and the preacher was weak. I went to hell from the bottom of the creek.
La La La 04:02
Can You Believe that I've had a reprieve From the down and the dirty and lame Can it be taken for fact, that not one will act the blind, the forgiven or sane Towers of sand, and the sleight of a hand, where all the kings horses have trod agast with the thrill, of a two dollar bill, and the spit and the polish of sod Up against me, and the wonder of Troy, and the smile on a dog you once knew We’re cooped up in here, with the smell of despair, and the ghost of a bird that once flew So take it from me, I'd take you to task, I'll give 'til it hurts or we're free. And each of the wild ones, under their masks, will turn, run screaming, and flee...
Tango 03:12
Dawn comes, it will break too soon, love. And it's light will call you To the world you've been denying. Dance now, In these fleeting moments Before you leave me, Give in to what your heart wants. Oh Darling, Dance, while you have me The end is in our sight, When you are gone Know this melody will linger lilting in the night. Longing, watching the horizon. My burden is to find you Under a dark and empty sky. Confounded, children in the forest the dance will choose a partner when the melody plays on
Can Be Free 02:36
When I grow up I’m gonna say what I please I’ll take what I want to satisfy all my needs I'll have what I choose and I’ll take it for free No one will ever, tell me what to believe Take Me Away where I can Be Free I Can Be Free Take a look now what I expected to see These metaphorical chains became a web of deceit Possession and love they are two brothers at odds And these torn hunks of flesh are just the toys of the gods Now that I’m grown perhaps I see it too clear Through all of the pain, the smoke and the fear Freedom is fleeting a passing moment in time Next time I catch sight, I’m gonna jump on and ride.
Wicked World 04:08
Take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Does something in here frighten you or does it set you free I'll tell you of my petty dreams, and petty miseries, Yes take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Out there in the wicked world, Truth is never what it seems, While up here in my lonely room, my dreams become reality And they will surely set us free, Yes they will surely set us free. Take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see. When you are young, people always say Don’t look back you must obey For centuries now truth is like a bell Get up off your ass and raise some hell Take this piece of fingernail and put it in your box. With melted wax and Dragon's blood and lots of pretty rocks. We'll pray for peace and harmony we'll meet the sailors at the docks All the answers that we seek lie trapped within your box Up here in my lonely room the two of us sit down to tea. While out there in the Wicked World a thousand ships sail off to sea Those of us who've learned to dream will try to grasp the soul That nonexistent essence that makes each one of us whole So touch me and confide in me and hold me when the night is cold Yes those of us who've learned to dream will try to grasp the soul. Up here in my lonely room the truth is never what it seems While out there in the wicked world my dreams become reality And they will surely set us free Yes they will surely set us free Take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see.
Here on the edges of no place to go here in the space between twilight and dream I give you this token of undying love and laugh as we fade into nothing at all Here for a moment, then way to far gone past where the shadows won't follow I hear a sweet voice through the unlifting fog A laugh can mean nothing, Nothing at all Yesterdays paper lies out on the lawn it's hidden agendas will fade in the sun the two of us caught in a sudden downpour Laughing though this is the end of the world Sayanora, Goodbye, until we meet again, some happier time than tomorrow There is no less and there shall be no more here between twilight and no place to go
Sleep my dear, please rest now for the angels that stand at your bed Memory will pale as your tired heart fails these angels have come for your head a fall from the stage for I've read the last page but these angels will swallow your dread get the keys from the Jailers invite the dead sailors and all the young ladies of Spain, we’ll dance on the caskets heads will roll into baskets I hope that I’ll see you again and who would have thought it would all end like this, in the back of our shack built for two relax dear, lie still, I'll drink to us both this sweet poison that I made for you here's to the angels that dance on the rim of a glass of indelicate brew sleeping and sifting past images drifting I'm sensing the end of this show your hand in my hand the Angels still laughing they smile as they watch us go Together at last, forever my love the truest that we'll ever know
Take me on down to the river, Place where I was born The Savannah opened up and spit me on out Out upon her shore. Take me on down to the river I'm goin' Home The River Rolls and Rambles The River calls my name The River speaks with a Holy voice In drought and and sun and rain. Ain't got no Cause to worry Ain't got no reason to moan I got a lot of friends that live down here, I won't be all alone Each one from the river one day will return The river calls and each will fall taking everything we’ve learned Spent Some time in Durham once called Savannah my home I went on back to Augusta town back on there to roam. Throw my body in the river take me out to sea All the kings horses and all the kings men ill never rescue me Now that you have heard my story, now That I have played my song. Tell 'em Hellblinki was here for awhile Hellblinki's been here and gone.
Hope 03:02


The Hellblinki Sextet's third full length album “Oratory” is patchwork of songs, incidental music, and found sound. A tale of death, love, war, deadly poison, zombies, and the orange hamburger, "Oratory" could be described as psycho-cabaret, southern fried with guerrilla operatics, or possibly as pirate-blues, infused with a sort of punk rock cinematic splendor. Whatever words are used to define this epic masterpiece, it is truly a journey through the bent, bizzare and beautiful.


released January 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Hellblinki Augusta, Georgia

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