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Oh I can see a bright place at the end of this long winding road it's opened to me, we'll open our hearts and our minds to a whole different way we could live and could all strive to be
yes you and me we've travelled so far screaming an end to the Czars tearing them down and announcing the old order dead in it's grave and a new child of freedom will open its eyes to the world
Come with me to end of this road, help me to carry my burden, this load, it strangles my soul, yes tear it from me, like a gift or a token, and have faith in the power and strength we will need to survive
Look here with me this map shows the way to that bright shining place at the end of our road, trapped in the folds and the tears... the work of so many who've given their lives for the cause
Yes you like some beautiful flower your strength your heart your power, like a muse inspiring the multitudes they'll tear down these walls and then bring this regime to its knees
So come to me most beautiful one my heart my light my sun, a promise this hour our sacred pact that We must not fail no we must not fail, for failure is death to us all


from Multitudes, released December 13, 2014
by Andrew Benjamin
Piano: Riston Denaux - Cello: Unwoman (Erika Mulkey) - Vocals, Synth: Andrew Benjamin - Drums: Brian Ferrand - Vocal: Alison Young
Recorded at The Justice House by Andrew Benjamin and by Erica Mulkey in Oakland, CA


all rights reserved


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